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Eidetic Imagery is based on the visionary work of Akhter Ahsen Ph. D., who’s seminal work in the utilization of imagery as a visual technique to access the deep reaches of the unconscious brings to light areas of conflict in one’s developmental history. Our traumas are recorded and stored in our brains like files in a filing cabinet in the form of vivid images. It is these images, which shape our views of the world and determine how we react in any given situation.
When these areas of emotional and limiting beliefs are illuminated through eidetic intervention, we are able to unleash the latent potentials within our physiology allowing new and positive images to emerge, which not only alter our physical and emotional being but also the way in which we view the world.
Through the process of neuroplasticity, new neural networks are laid down and, when exercised, like a muscle, become strong and dominant allowing the old, negative belief structures to atrophy.  This eidetic process is very effective in moving us beyond the confines of our personal history and allowing our inherent genetic potentials to be realized, as they are no longer hindered by our own filters.




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