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1. See that you are a running stream.
2. See that running stream which you are (have them describe this)
3. See something in front of you as you experience yourself as the running stream.  What do you see?
4. Now see an obstacle in front of you.  When you see yourself as the running stream, see how you run through this obstacle or the problem it offers.
5. Now see your parents in front of you, as you see yourself as a running stream. (What happens to the stream?)
6. See your father in front of you, and you are the running stream.
7. Now see your mother in front of you, and you are the running stream.
8. Now see the world in front of you, and you are the running stream.
9. See the whole world and feel “what will be will be” and be the running stream.  (What happens?  How does it feel?)
10.  See history in front of you, and you are the stream, the running stream.  The history of the world is made by people.  Do not fear history.
11. See history and you as the running stream battling each other.  Who has the more authentic power? (How does that feel? Describe)
12. Are you afraid of anything now?
13. See a negative situation, and run through it as a stream.
14. See a negative person, and be this running stream.
15. See constraints, prohibition, and other fears, and run through them one by one, as the running stream.

Imagery Paradigm  P. 103-104